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No. 85: Corrigenda

BIBLICAL Horizons, No. 85
May, 1996
Copyright 1996 Biblical Horizons

Many of you have purchased Jordan’s Behind the Scenes: Orientation in the Book of Revelation (Biblical Horizons Occasional Paper No. 19). A number of typographical errors have come to light, thanks to alert readers:

p. 6, line 7: "Creature" should be "Creator"
p. 8, line 2 after diagram: "west, eastward" should be "east, westward"
p. 11, last paragraph, line 4: "Job 37:33" should be "Job 37:22"
p. 26, line 9: "Jacob" should be "Isaac"
p. 29, next to last paragraph, line 5: "the fact that" is doubled
p. 32, paragraph 3, lines 3 & 4: "Revelation 22" should be "Revelation 21" both times
p. 36, paragraph 2, line 2 should begin, "the north celestial pole, the polar region"
p. 36, paragraph 2, line 3 should begin, "the pole"
p. 45, center of page, "Polar Star" should be "polar region"
p. 63, line 6: "The is" should be "This is"
p. 72, line 3 from bottom: last word should be "is", not "it"
p. 77, line 12: "10:36" should be "10:26"
p. 78, paragraph beginning "Which," line 5: "Palesting" should be "Palestine" and "probably" should be "probable"
p. 82, paragraph 3, lines 3-4: change "a thing" to "an object"
p. 82, paragraph 3, line 6: delete first "of"